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VOTING #03//round 3 - PYTHON // LIMS [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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VOTING #03//round 3 [3rd. Feb, 2007//12:38 pm]
python LIMS


Ok. Since only two people submitted their icon this is our final round so vote. Please.

But now onto the voting. There are the rules:

-Anyone can vote. And I really mean it, anyone. But not anonymously. That won't count. But it doesn't matter if you're the member of this community or some random person who got lost and ended up here, you can vote.
-The voting comment must contain the number of your one favorite icon and reason for your choice. Comments are screened.
-Don't vote for yourself. It's just not cool. So don't vote yourself for least favorite (gosh, you never know!) or the favorite.
-And finally, an example:

#74. Very nice, I like the colors and the cropping. Nice work!


</tr> <table cellspacing="4" style="background-color:#9EBA6C">

The results are up on February 12th EET.
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